Discovering Nova Scotia, Canada’s Ocean Playground, can be as adventurous or as leisurely as you’d like. With its rich cultural heritage, spectacular scenery, dramatic coastlines and hidden backcountry, this province makes a great destination for adventurers and explorers from all walks of life.

Discover this land through the eyes of the Mi’kmaq as you paddle down the same winding rivers they ventured, hundreds of years ago. Travel off the beaten path and hike through magical old growth forests, or enjoy an eagle’s view of the vistas below from rocky coastal trails. If it’s fish and game you seek, get your adrenaline fix as you cast a line in the many tranquil lakes and streams found scattered throughout this great province. Or satisfy your curiosity for days gone by and explore a shipwreck or lighthouse.

No matter what the adventure or destination, let the BRMB Navigator guide you as you discover Nova Scotia’s wondrous backcountry playground.

Extended Information

Featuring 1:10,000 scale Trim data, we offer the most complete forestry, industry and logging road coverage available for NS. In fact, we provide over 49,000+ kilometres of routable roads including highways, city roads, rural roads, and 2 levels of logging roads (industrial and resource roads) along with over 47,000+ kilometres of non-routable roads including old logging roads, unclassified roads, alleyways, private roads and more. This is all overlaid on an enhanced contour and elevation information including summits, peaks and geographic points not illustrated on most other maps.

Key Features:

  • Scale – 10,000 base scale topographic maps
  • Shaded Relief – Detailed topography highlighting the area’s terrain
  • 3D View – 3D perspective highlighting mountain ranges and river valleys
  • Routable Roads – Enhanced routing allows you to navigate from the city into the backcountry
  • Search – Tens of thousands of searchable cities, geographic land, water features, Activity POIs
  • Continuity – Seamless and continuous topographic maps
  • Co-operation – Updated regularly and developed in cooperation with local agencies (government, Parks, Forestry, Tourism Organizations, Local Municipalities, Non-profit Outdoor Groups & Clubs, Customers & More)

Fast Facts

Dramatic coastlines and highland mountain tops set the stage as history comes alive on the foothills of Nova Scotia. Spectacular natural wonders dot this picture-perfect landscape; quaint fishing villages, historic lighthouses, and secluded coves are waiting to be explored. No matter what adventure you choose, Canada’s ocean playground will have it waiting for you.

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  • Capital City: Halifax
  • Population: 940,000
  • History: Entered Canadian Confederation in 1867
  • Total Area: 55,284 km² /21,345 mi²
  • Highest Point: White Hill – 535 m /1,755 ft.
  • Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean – Sea Level
  • Largest Lake: Bras d’Or Lake – 1,436 km² /554 mi²
  • Provincial Flower: Mayflower
  • Provincial Bird: Osprey
  • Provincial Tree: Red Spruce
  • Motto: “One Defends and the Other Conquers”

With the BRMB Navigator Base Map at your fingertips, you are simply one tap away from uncovering a world of new outdoors and backcountry adventures. Powered by logging, industry and bush road networks along with enhanced geographic and topographic data, exclusive to BRMB, your Navigator Base Map will be the most comprehensive and detailed map source available for navigating the outdoors with utmost confidence.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Extensive Backcountry Road Network

[Forest service/bush roads, main industry, active industry (2wd), other industry (2wd /4wd), unclassified (4wd), & deactivated roads]

Logging, industry and bush road systems have been some of the main highlighted features of our maps for over 20 years. We continuously enhance our industry leading network of backcountry roads, through road reclassification (distinguishing main roads from 4wd roads and deactivated roads) as well as providing our users with road names very few other maps illustrate.

Geographical Land Features

[Terrain contours, cliffs, mountain ranges, mountain peaks, valleys, islands]

Whether used as reference points or exploration destinations, our Base Map provides you with all the geographical features you need to get outdoors and play. These key features have been the backbone of our maps since their inception and we are thrilled to share them with yo through our BRMB Navigator Base Map.

Recreation Areas

[National, provincial, regional, & municipal parks, conservancy’s, ecological reserves, & protected areas]

Whether you’re searching for tranquility or an action-packed getaway, the BRMB Navigator Base Map combines numerous datasets to showcase all of your favourite parks along with recreation areas very few have even heard of.

Water Features

[Lakes, rivers, coastline, streams, creeks, dams, reservoirs, wetlands, marsh’s, bogs, rapids, glaciers]

Whether you like to fish, paddle or just enjoy the scenery while cruising on a boat, BRMB maps are known for featuring more lakes, streams and other water features than other maps. Through our extensive research and knowledge of the backcountry, you will have access to countless water adventures with our Base Map.


[Railways, cutlines, pipelines, ferry routes, transmission lines, gates, & Trans Canada Trail]

While these utility corridors are often taken for granted on most maps, to the keen backcountry enthusiast they are the pathway to limitless adventures and discoveries. Whether used as reference points or as a means to get to an adventure hot spot, our Base Map will have you covered.

Shaded Relief

[3-D terrain shading, contours &elevations]

From spectacular mountains to narrow river valleys, British Columbia offers some of the most dramatic scenery in the World. Included with our Base Map are 3-D terrain shadings, detailed topography highlighting the areas’ terrain, using industry leading contour lines and relief shading which allow you to read the lay of the land effortlessly.

Boundaries/Area Indicators

[Protected & restricted Areas, First Nations land, tree farm licenses, mining areas, conservancies, ecological reserves]

Perhaps as an avid backcountry explorer, you have pushed the boundaries when it comes to discovering new adventures. Now with these essential features at your fingertips, you know where to play and which areas you should avoid.

The Nova Scotia Adventure Layers Offer You:

NS Adventure POI Highlights

  • 280+ Backroad Attractions
  • 350+ Fishing Lakes, Streams and Ocean Fishing Hot Spots
  • 280+ Boat Launches and Marinas
  • All Hunting, Deer & Moose Management Zones
  • Hundreds of kms of paddling Routes & Paddling Points
  • 350+ Parks, Campsites & Wildlife Viewing Hot Spots
  • 1,800 + km of Trails & close to 400 Multi-use Trailheads
  • 2,900+ km of ATV Trails
  • Thousands of kms of Snowmobile Trails & Hundreds of Trailheads
  • 65+ Golf Clubs
  • 2,600+ City, Town and Community Locations
  • 14,500+ Searchable Land and Water Geographic Features

NS Adventures POI Features

  • Fishing & Hunting Regulations
  • Fish Species & Stocking Info
  • Game Species & Seasonal Info
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Poi Descriptions
  • Access & Directions
  • Facilities & Amenities
  • Recreational Activities & Tips
  • Trail Length, Elevation Gain & Difficulty
  • Trail & Nearby Activities
  • Snowshoeing, Downhill & Cross-Country Skiing Areas
  • Urban & Backcountry Attractions
  • Viewpoints & Wildlife Viewing Areas
  • Park & Backcountry Campsites
  • Picnic & Recreational Areas
  • National, Provincial & Urban Parks
  • Lake & River Paddling
  • Waterfalls, Lighthouses, Landmarks
  • Historic Sites & Museums

NS Searchable Categories

  • Attractions
  • ATV
  • Backcountry Camps
  • Boat Launches
  • Cabins
  • Campsites
  • Cities
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Huts
  • Land Features
  • Marina
  • Paddling – Routes
  • Parks – National
  • Parks – Provincial
  • Parks – Urban
  • Picnic
  • Public Services
  • Recreation Sites
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Snowmobile Routes
  • Trails
  • Transportation
  • Visitor Centers
  • Water Features
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Winter Recreation
  • Wildlife Management Units

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