With thousands of kilometers of paddling routes, including hundreds of river routes, countless lakes and lake circuits and a growing selection of ocean paddling routes, the Paddling Adventure Layer offers canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts the freedom to explore New Brunswick from a brand new perspective.

Whether you enjoy paddling along jagged coastlines, canoeing into the sunset over a crystal-clear lake, or kayaking down challenging whitewater routes, this Adventure Layer offers the most complete network of paddling routes for paddlers of all skill levels. In addition to the access and take-out points, we also include paddling route tracks, as well as search by category (ex. Lakes vs River Routes). Our comprehensive list of paddling routes along with value added features will let you pick the paddle that suits your needs.

In addition to geo-referencing the Paddling Points of Interest, we have included tracks of the actual paddling route where available. Along with the short descriptions on most of these sites and routes, these write-ups can include location, lake, river and waterbody names, river and ocean routes, route length, difficulty level (easy, moderate, difficult), grading and classification, highlights, seasonal information, directions and access points, safety tips and much more.

With so much to see and so many places to explore, here is a list of Points of Interest, features and highlights included with the Paddling Adventure Layer.

  • Paddling Points
  • Paddling Routes
  • Access Points
  • Lake Circuits
  • Ocean Kayaking
  • Whitewater Routes
  • River Routes
  • River Grading
  • River Classifications
  • Portages
  • Put-In Locations
  • Take-Out Locations
  • Natural Attractions
  • Access
  • And More…

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