What is BRMB Navigator?

BRMB Navigator is the leading GPS navigation and mapping app for Canadian outdoor adventure! This app boasts more outdoor recreation information than any existing apps to date. With complete, seamless topographic maps for eight provinces – from BC to Nova Scotia – BRMB Navigator puts all the information found in the original Backroad Mapbooks in the palm of your hand – plus more. View interactive, seamless topographic map coverage for the entire province of your choice filled with up-to-date adventure information.

The maps on this app include map layers, with marked waypoints for adventures like hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, paddling, ATVing, snowmobiling, wildlife viewing, and much more. You’ll find crucial information like trailheads, distances, Wildlife Management Units, fishing regulations, and more, right at your fingertips!

BRMB Navigator lets you download offline maps to navigate off-grid, and track and create your trips – with waypoints, stats, photo, video, audio, and descriptions – to recreate your adventures and share with friends via social media! With added features like a compass, regional weather forecasts, and more, BRMB Navigator is the most complete GPS navigation and mapping app available for outdoor recreation.

BRMB Navigator App: More than GPS maps!

Get Connected

– Compatible with Android and iOS devices
– Get interactive with the BRMB Navigator website at brmbnavigator.com, where you can load maps onto your computer, and share trips with friends via social media

Get on the Map

– Choose from Backroad Mapbooks’ industry-leading topographic maps of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, plus Bing Satellite and Open Street maps
– View aerial, terrain and street maps, plus satellite photos
– Comes installed with total topographic map coverage for one province of your choice, with one adventure layer (e.g. ATV, backroad, fishing, hunting, paddling, etc.)

Get Organized

– Plan and track your trips with waypoints, photos, audio and videos, and share with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+
– Track and share adventure stats including distance traveled, elevation gain/loss, speed and more
– Categorized search allows you to look up locations and recreation spots by adventure category

Get Prepared

– Go off the grid and download offline maps to take you deep into the backcountry far away from cell reception
– Includes a handy compass to keep you on track
– Includes live, regional weather reports and forecasts

Get Going

– Choose from up to 11 adventures per province, with comprehensive adventure information
– Thousands of points-of-interest with details on location, activities, descriptions, and more

Explore the Backcountry

–        Big trees

–        Waterfalls

–        Caves

–        Hot springs

–        Glaciers

–        Lighthouses

–        Natural rock and land formations

–        Manmade landmarks

–        Museums

–        Historic sites

–        Urban attractions

–        Backcountry attractions

–        Viewpoints

Go Fishing

–        Fishing lakes

–        Rivers

–        Streams

–        Ocean hot spots

–        Stocking information

–        Boat launches

–        Marinas

–        Tips & Techniques

–        Lake definitions

–        Directions

–        Regulations

–        Facilities


–        Wildlife Management Unit boundaries

–        Wildlife Management Unit highlights

–        Big game species

–        Small game species

–        Game bird species

–        Waterfowl

–        Species information

–        Regulations

–        Tips & Techniques


–        Paddling points

–        Paddling routes

–        Access points

–        Lake Circuits

–        Ocean kayaking

–        Whitewater routes

–        River routes

–        River grading

–        River classifications

–        Portages

–        Put-in locations

–        Take-out locations

–        Natural attractions

–        Access

Explore Parks

–        National parks

–        Provincial parks

–        Regional parks

–        Urban parks

–        Picnic areas

–        Conservancy areas

–        Backcountry campsites

–        Backcountry huts and cabins

–        Park campsites

–        Tent and RV campsite indicators

–        Water activities (fishing, paddling, swimming, etc.)

–        Trail activities (ATV, hiking, snowmobiling, etc.)

–        Boat launches

Go Camping (BC)

–        BC rec site locations

–        Backcountry campsites

–        Managed rec sites (paid)

–        Tent and RV campsite indicators

–        Water activities (fishing, paddling, swimming, etc.)

–        Trail activities (ATV, hiking, snowmobiling, etc.)

–        Boat launches

–        Picnic areas

Hit the Trails

–        Trailheads

–        Multi-use trails

–        Trans Canada Trail

–        Backcountry routes

–        Hiking trails

–        Mountain biking trails

–        Horseback/equestrian trails

–        Cross-country trails

–        Snowshoe trails

–        Backcountry camping

–        Nearby amenities

–        Elevation gain

–        Trail activities

–        Difficulty level

–        Trail distance

–        Access


–        Thousands of kilometres of ATV (OHV) trails

–        ATV (OHV) trailheads

–        Restricted areas

–        Staging areas

–        Trail length

–        Difficulty level

–        Elevation gain


–        Thousands of kilometres of snowmobile trails

–        Snowmobile trailheads

–        Riding areas

–        Staging areas

–        Trail difficulty

–        Trail length

–        Elevation gain

–        Restricted areas

–        Trail conditions

–        Rules and regulations

–        Clubs and associations

View Wildlife

–        Deer, elk, moose, bears, and more

–        Birdwatching sites

–        Fish hatcheries

–        Spawning areas

–        Songbirds

–        Game birds

–        Shorebirds

–        Waterfowl

Embrace the Winter

–        Winter recreation areas

–        Backcountry skiing routes

–        Backcountry ski touring areas

–        Cross-country skiing areas

–        Downhill skiing areas

–        Snowshoeing areas

–        Trailheads

–        Trail distances, difficulty, elevation gain

–        Winter recreation tips

–        Facilities and amenities

–        Trail activities

–        Trail fees

…and more!



  • I’ve enjoyed BRMB books for years and used V1 last year. Am pleased that I can now import GPX files via the Web version. I have a large file with 142 tracks which shows properly on the Web version but when I Save it only the first 2 tracks are saved. Is there a limit to the size of Imported GPX files? Perhaps I have to break up the file into smaller segments. Sure like V2. I am using the Android version.

    Trevor Anderson Reply
    • Hi Trevor, Thank you for the nice feed back. Have you tried our webmap for New V2 of Android? Is that were you are having problems with saving a bigger file? If you can send me more info, I can definitly have our Tech take a look and see. I sent you an email. Thank you

      brmb_admin Reply
  • I have the Android app and so far very happy with it. I don’t see the “interactive web map” anywhere on the site. Is the web map included with the subscription ? Thanks.

    Rich Reply
    • Hi Rich,
      We are so pleased that you like your app.
      Which version of our app do you have? Version one already has a webmap at http://api.brmbnavigator.com/
      Version 2 of the app (released in October 2016), will have a webmap ready by the end of the year. And yes you get to use the webmap free with your subscription.

      Just login with the same username and password as the one in the app.

      brmb_admin Reply
      • I have version 2 so I guess I’ll have to be patient : ) Another question – can I use the iOS version as well with my subscription ? I could use my iPad in the meantime to look at larger versions of the maps.

        Rich Reply
        • Hi Rich, we wish. Unfortunately Apple and google are two different stores and each have their own subscriptions. We might look info making subscriptions available to our customers through our site in the future, that way you would be able to use it on any device.

          Webmap is almost here:) I will let you know when available.

          brmb_admin Reply
  • Where is the PRICE???

    Brad Reply
    • Hi Brad
      When you buy the app, you get to try the province of your choice at no additional cost.
      If you decide to keep using the app, it is then 0.99/month for the province of your choice including all our adventures on an Android device.

      On iPhone, or iPad, you download the app for free, then get charged 0.99/year if you decide to keep it. That only gives you the basemap though. You can then go to the province page, click on ALL ADVENTURES icon/button, and buy that for an additional price of 9.99/year. So you get the whole province and ALL its adventures for 10.98/Year.

      brmb_admin Reply
  • Good morning
    can I use the app with a Blackberry???

    ben dube Reply
    • Hi Ben,
      At the moment our app is only compatible with Android or IOS devices.

      brmb_admin Reply
  • The app worked fine on my old iPhone 6, but I recently upgraded to an iPhone7 – the app loaded, but the mapping and activity (ATV) that I’ve bought and paid for don’t seem to be working – I’ve tried logging in and out, but no success – no BC Map or ATV trails.

    Alan Holmgren Reply
    • Hi Alan
      You should now be able to put the app on the new device no problem. Please let us know if you still have any problems. Thank you

      brmb_admin Reply

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