20 years of research and data, covering Canada’s Backcountry, in the palm of your hand!

When it comes to adventures and outdoor recreation, BRMB Navigator provides more Points of Interest and information on where to go and what to do in the backcountry, than any other navigational tool on the market today. We have taken 20 years of research and data and placed it right in the palm of your hands with this iOS and Android compatible app.


We have categorized these POI into Adventure groups, called Adventure Layers, to allow you to pick and choose the types of information and recreational activities you need access to. Alternatively, we have provided the option for the avid adventure seeker to purchase and download all the Adventure Layers at once. The eleven Adventure Layers include: Backroad Adventures, Fishing Adventures, Hunting Adventures, Paddling Adventures, Park Adventures, Recsite Adventures (BC), Trail Adventures, ATV (OHV) Adventures, Snowmobile Adventures, Wildlife Adventures and Winter Adventures.


Whether you enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, off-roading, paddling, snowmobiling, birdwatching or just camping in the backcountry, BRMB Navigator allows you to search the largest source of backcountry adventure and outdoor recreation, from the palm of your hand. With the ability to take your adventures Off-the-Grid, with its Offline Maps Feature, BRMB Navigator is the only app you need to navigate through Canada’s backcountry.


Here is an overview of each exciting adventure Layer, the BRMB navigator App has to offer. In the upcoming weeks, we will be giving you a more in depth look into the POI, information, write-ups and other exciting tips and tricks for each Adventure Layer.


Backroad Adventure Layer



With thousands of Backcountry Attractions across Canada, Backroad Adventures Layer is designed for backcountry enthusiasts in search of unique and out of the way sites.  Discover Canada like never before as this year round playground acquaints you with giant old growth trees in BC, treats you to some natural therapy with world renowned hot springs in Alberta, allows you to experience of magic of underground world with its caves or leaves you awe-bound as you discover some of Canada’s largest waterfalls and amazing viewpoints in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Backroad Adventure Layer include:

  • Big Trees
  • Waterfalls
  • Caves
  • Hot Springs
  • Glaciers
  • Lighthouses
  • Museums
  • Historic Sites
  • Urban Attractions
  • Backcountry Attractions
  • Viewpoints
  • And More…

ATV (OHV) Adventure Layer



Discover Canada’s backcountry the Canadian way as you cruise the old roads in a 4wd vehicle, blaze single track trails on a motorbike or explore natural terrains on an ATV.  With hundreds of thousands of kilometers of trail tracks, the ATV Adventures Layer is a must have for adrenaline junkies.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the ATV (OHV) Adventure Layer include:

  • Hundreds of thousands of kilometres of ATV (OHV) Trails
  • ATV (OHV) Trailheads
  • Restricted Areas
  • Riding Areas
  • Staging Areas
  • Trail Length
  • Difficulty Level
  • Elevation Gain
  • Natural Attractions (caves, lakes, waterfalls, etc.)
  • Activities
  • And More…

Fishing Adventure Layer


With over tens of thousands of fishing lakes and streams, the Fishing Adventures Layer is designed for fishing enthusiasts from all walks of life. We have placed one of the most comprehensive list of lakes, countless creeks and rivers, as well as ocean fishing hot spots at your fingertips, providing you with more fishing opportunities than any other app or map source.  Our Fishing Adventures Layer also showcases important information such as fish species, water-body stocking status, boat launch locations, marinas, special regulation and much more.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Fishing Adventure Layer include:

  • Fishing Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Ocean Hot Spots
  • Stocking Information
  • Boat Launches
  • Marinas
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Lake Definitions
  • Directions
  • Regulations
  • Facilities
  • And More…

Hunting Adventure Layer


Canada’s backcountry is divided into wildlife management zones and units. With each province having its own set of zoning, rules and regulations, the Hunting Adventure Layer is an essential guide for hunters of all skill levels.  This Adventure Layer brings an enhanced version of our Backroad Mapbooks series that have been loved and trusted by hunters across Canada for the past 20 years.  Combined with our industry leading forestry, industry and bush road networks, you can now explore the backcountry like never before and discover your very own secret locations to hunt.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Hunting Adventure Layer include:

  • Wildlife Management Zones & Wildlife Management Units
  • Big Game Species
  • Game Bird Species
  • Small Game Species
  • Waterfowl
  • Wildlife Management Zone & Wildlife Management Unit Boundaries
  • Seasons & Regulations
  • WMZ, WMU Descriptions
  • Geo-referenced points & more

Paddling Adventure Layer


With seemingly endless kilometers of paddling routes, including thousands of river routes, countless lakes and lake circuits and a growing selection of ocean paddling routes, the Paddling Adventure Layer offers canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts the freedom to explore Canada from a brand new perspective.  Whether you enjoy paddling along jagged coastlines, canoeing into the sunset over a crystal-clear lake, or kayaking down challenging whitewater routes, this Adventure Layer offers the most complete network of paddling routes for paddlers of all skill levels.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Paddling Adventure Layer include:

  • Paddling Points
  • Paddling Routes
  • Access Points
  • Lake Circuits
  • Ocean Kayaking
  • Whitewater Routes
  • River Routes
  • River Grading
  • River Classifications
  • Portages
  • Put-In Locations
  • Take-Out Locations
  • Natural Attractions
  • Access
  • And More…

Park Adventure Layer


The Parks Adventure Layer combines all the magic of British Columbia’s national, provincial and urban parks, into one source.  Whether you are out for a short picnic trip at your local urban park or have set out to venture far into the backcountry, with Canada’s most renowned park system in the palm of your hand, you can now explore this natural playground with confidence.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Parks Adventure Layer include:

  • National Parks
  • Provincial Parks
  • Regional Parks
  • Urban Parks
  • Picnic Areas
  • BC Conservancy Areas
  • Backcountry Campsites
  • Backcountry Huts & Cabins
  • Park Campsites
  • Tent & RV Campsite Indicators
  • Water Activities (fishing, paddling, swimming, etc.)
  • Trails Activities (ATVing, hiking, snowmobiling, etc.)
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Boat Launches
  • And More…

Recsite Adventure Layer (BC)


Unique to British Columbia, the Recsite Adventure Layer is a whole new way to experience BC’s Backcountry.  Whether you prefer rustic roadside stops or well-developed campsites with enhanced amenities, this one of a kind Adventure Layer will be the only guide you need in the search for your next backcountry retreat.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Recsite Adventure Layer include:

  • BC Recreation Site locations
  • Backcountry Campsites
  • Managed Rec Sites (paid)
  • Tent & RV Campsite indicators
  • Water Activities (fishing, paddling, swimming, etc.)
  • Trails Activities (ATVing, hiking, snowmobiling, etc.)
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Boat Launches
  • Picnic Areas
  • And More…

Snowmobile Adventure Layer (BC)



With a growing network of trail tracks and thousands of trailheads, the Snowmobile Adventure Layer is must have for all winter adventure thrill seekers.  Admire Canada’s magnificent backcountry of as you zip past frozen waterfalls, down exhilarating mountains, through old growth forests, over massive glaciers, and across frozen lakes and hillsides.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Snowmobile Adventure Layer include:

  • Hundreds of thousands of km of Snowmobile Trails
  • Snowmobile Trailheads
  • Riding Areas
  • Staging Areas
  • Trail Difficulty
  • Trail Length
  • Elevation Gain
  • Restricted Areas
  • Trail Conditions
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Viewpoint Suggestions
  • And more

Trail Adventure Layer (BC)


With an endless network of multi-use trails and thousands of trailheads, the Trail Adventure Layer gives you all you need to explore Canada’s spectacular natural settings. Whether you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, we offer you the most comprehensive network of multi-use trail systems available than any other source.  To make your trail adventures even more exhilarating, we have included actual trail tracks that allow to track your desired routes along with searchable trail activities (hiking only trail vs mountain biking adventure).


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Trail Adventure Layer include:

  • Trailheads
  • Multi-Use Trails – Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing
  • Trans Canada Trail
  • Backcountry Routes
  • Hiking Trails
  • Mountain Biking Trails
  • Horseback/Equestrian Trails
  • Cross-Country Trails
  • Snowshoe Trails
  • Backcountry Camping
  • Nearby Activities
  • Nearby Amenities
  • Elevation Gain
  • Trail Activities
  • Difficulty Level
  • Trail Distance
  • Access
  • And More…

Wildlife Adventure Layer (BC)


The diverse ecosystem of this province sets the perfect scenic backdrop for viewing wildlife in their natural habitats. Take a walk on the wild side with our Wildlife Adventure Layer as we introduce you to some of Canada’s most infamous residents. Pack-up your cameras and binoculars and discover the wild side of Canada, as we share with you some of the best wildlife hotspots and viewing sites this country has to offer.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Wildlife Adventure Layer include:

  • Bighorn Sheep Areas
  • Mountain Goat Areas
  • Birdwatching Sites
  • Deer Hot Spots
  • Elk Viewing Sites
  • Moose Hot Spots
  • Fish Hatcheries
  • Grizzly Bear Hot Spots
  • Black Bear Viewing Sites
  • Spawning Areas
  • Song Birds
  • Raptors (Birds of Prey)
  • Game Birds
  • Shorebirds
  • Waterfowl Viewing Sites
  • And More…

Winter Adventure Layer (BC)


Epic backcountry snowfalls and world-renowned slopes have branded Canada as a winter adventurer’s paradise. Whether you ski or snowshoe, this adventure layer offers more winter recreation areas than a person could possibly visit in a lifetime and will help you uncover Canada’s notorious backcountry like never before.  Enjoy the breathtaking views and discover wildlife tracks, as you trek across the diverse, freshly powdered, backcountry terrain.


Points of Interest, trails, features and highlights within the Winter Adventure Layer include:

  • Winter Recreation Areas
  • Backcountry Skiing Routes
  • Backcountry Ski Touring Areas
  • Cross-Country Skiing Areas
  • Downhill Skiing Areas
  • Snowshoeing Areas
  • Trailheads
  • Trail Distances, Difficulty, Elevation Gain
  • Winter Recreation Tips
  • Wildlife Viewing Areas
  • Facilities & Amenities
  • Trail Activities
  • Trail Fees
  • And More…

In addition to our comprehensive Adventure Layers, the BRMB Navigator app alos includes: Freeways, Highways, Secondary Highways, Arterial roads, Rural roads, Local roads, Laneways, Banks, Churches, Cinemas, Courts/Halls, Fuel stations, Golfing, Health/Hospitals, Health/Pharmacies, Libraries, Lodging, Museums, Parking, Police/Fire Stations, Post Offices, Pubs, Resorts, Restaurants, Retailers, Schools, Sports/Leisure, Transit, Visitor Information  Centres, and much more.


Download your copy of BRMB Navigator App today and discover Canada’s backcountry with Confidence.