A graphical overview of major features of BRMB Navigator App & How to use them.


How do I get started?

You must first register with Backroad Navigator and create a user name and password. Once this step is complete, Login and choose your Province.

How much is it to use the app?

New as of summer 2016, the app is now only $0.99/month for each BRMB Province Basemap and all Adventure layers.

How do I see the maps?

After selecting your Province, you can select the Map from the top of most pages in the App. If you select ‘Map’ and see a grey screen or “no tile data” text, you need to turn on the Layer(s). There is a button on the bottom right you can select. Choose your Province and your preferred Adventure(s) and/or choose Bing Satellite, Open Street Map.

If the grey screen/no tile data remains, try to turn your province basemap off and on again.

How do I search the maps?

To pan around the map, be sure to turn off the Follow Me option by clicking the ‘arrow’ button near the top right of the map. Alternatively, use the Search feature and enter your favourite lake, trail, park, etc. To help refine this search, you can select a ‘Category’ when searching. Searching for partial words can also return more results if you are not seeing many results. For example searching for ‘prov’ will return names such as ‘Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park’ or ‘West Lake Prov Park’ and so on.

How do I create a Trip?

To start a trip, simply tap/toggle the ‘Track’ button to turn ‘Track ON’. This will lead to a pop-up where you can change the name and activity. You must add something to both fields to start. Trick: select Tools > Settings and turn Autoname Trips and Autoname Markers on (green).

Once you tap ‘Start’, you will now be recording a Trip. This will make a track and you can add Waypoints using the ‘Mark’ button, or by holding your finger on a location for 2 seconds. The middle button on the bottom of the Map should read ‘Track ON’ and be green instead of red.

How do I mark a Waypoint?

There are a couple ways to mark waypoints on the maps (along with a few options for markers). If you are at a location you want to drop a marker, simply select the Mark tool on the bottom right of the map screen. This will pop up the Mark Options including Photo, Waypoint, Audio or Video. Select the media of choice and the marker will be placed on the map.

If you are panning the maps, then you will need to press and hold the location on your map until you get the Mark Options pop up. Again, select the media of choice and the marker will be placed on the map.

How do I use the app when out of cell service?

The GPS, Search, and map Tools will all work on our app when out of cell service. However, to use our maps you must first download an offline map. Select the ‘Create Offline Map’ and tap Continue; zoom in and out to select your area of choice. When you’re happy with the area you’ve selected, tap on the Next button.

Use the sliding bar to set the Maximum Zoom Level, taking note of the download File Size estimate. When you are satisfied with the amount of detail tap on the Next button and add a name to make it easier to find later. Tap the Download button to start the process. You can track the progress of your download along the top, for more detailed information click on the orange ‘i’ icon. Depending on the file size and your cell or Wi-Fi service, the download could take several minutes. Apple users may find the phone falls asleep and the download is paused; simply hit continue to continue the download. A trick here is to save multiple offline maps rather than a larger area that might take too long to download or take up valuable phone space.

To find the Offline Maps, go back to the Map and select Layers. The Offline Maps are in their own folder above BRMB Adventures.

General Info

What is an Adventure?

For each Province, we offer Adventures or Layers corresponding to the reference sections in the Backroad Mapbook series. For example, we offer a Fishing layer/Adventure that shows all the fishing lakes, streams and ocean hot spots. You can click on each point on the map to find out more about that fishing location (species available, access, if it’s stocked, etc.).

Similarly the Trails layer/Adventure that shows trailheads and if available the actual trail track
for the trail. Again you can click on the trailhead point to find out more about that trail location (trail activities, distance, difficulty, elevation gain, etc.).

What comes in each Adventure?

Each Adventure provides valuable information on the activity of choice. If you are a Backroad Mapbook user you will be familiar with the various Adventures…from Backroads to Fishing and Hunting to Parks, Trails and Winter Recreation, each Adventure mimics what is found in the mapbook. However, the App provides more information on most points and allows you to search and locate these with a couple clicks. You can also zoom in and out to see what is around or select Bing Satellite under Layers to see the topography of the land.

In addition to the Points of Interest, the Hunting, Paddling, Trails, ATV and Snowmobile also provide trail tracks, paddling routes or wildlife management boundaries. These features help you locate and/or follow the trail/route of interest.

How do I find out more information on the location I want to visit?

Simply click on the red pointer that comes up with each search or the symbol when panning around the maps. This will give another pop-up with the name and distance from your current location. Clicking the blue arrow will lead to the description and other details available for that point.

Technical Support

How can I find my Offline or Download maps?

To find the Offline Maps go back to the Map and select Layers. The Offline Maps are in their own folder above BRMB Adventures. When you turn an Offline Map layer on, the app will automatically centre the map onto the area you’ve downloaded.


How do I delete my Offline Maps?

To delete an Offline Map go back to the Map and select Layers. Scroll down to the Offline Maps section and click on Manage. Tap on the X on the left hand side of the layer you would like to remove; confirm to delete the Offline Map. When you are finished managing your Offline Maps click on Done.


How do I Rename my offline maps?

To rename an Offline Map go back to the Map and select Layers. Scroll down to the Offline Maps section and click on Manage. Tap on Rename on the right hand side of the layer you would like to rename, make any changes you would like to the name and click Save. When you are finished managing your Offline Maps click on Done.


Why can’t I save or stop My Trip?

This is most likely due to the fact you have ‘Use Cellular Data’ turned off (off is the default setting to save additional carrier charges to unsuspecting customers) and/or you are not near Wi-Fi. To fix this, select Tools > Settings and turn the Use Cellular Data on (green). Go back to the map and tap the ‘Track’ button to turn ‘Track OFF’. You may have to go back to the Home Screen or go to Tools > Active Trip and tap the red STOP button to upload your trip to

Why are the maps loading slowly?

It should be noted that our maps will load slower than other less complex maps due to the amount of data including contours and relief we provide. However, we have made a lot of modifications to help reduce the map loading times and are confident that any delays in loading are worth the wait. A few tricks to help loading are pre-caching maps (viewing the area you intend to visit) and logging out and back into the maps. Both of these tricks should help speed up the map loading if things get bogged down.

Why does the App stop working or crash?

This is most likely because you have too many Adventure layers on. Dependent upon the device and the cellular/Wi-Fi connection you may be drawing upon too many resources to load the map/ layers correctly. If this happens repeatedly, we recommend selecting fewer layers (3 or less is ideal). Restart the App and then select Map > Layers and deselect the Adventures you likely won’t be searching at the moment.

How do I cancel my subscription?

For information on how to cancel subscriptions for your iPhone visit: Apple App Store Support

For information on how to cancel subscriptions for your Android device visit: Google Play Support