With Over 650 attractions, the Backroad Adventures Layer is designed for backcountry enthusiasts in search of unique and out of the way sites. Discover British Columbia like never before as this year round playground acquaints you with giant old growth trees, treats you to some natural therapy with its world renowned hot springs, allows you to experience of magic of underground world with its caves or leaves you awe-bound as you discover some of Canada’s largest waterfalls and amazing viewpoints. If you are looking for something a little closer to home, we have included a few unique museums and roadside attractions along with a host of other interesting sites.

In addition to geo-referencing the Backroad Attractions Points of Interest, we have included short descriptions on most of these sites. These write-ups include location, details and history about the sites and which can be invaluable when trying to plan your Backroad Adventure.

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Recsites and Trails
Gold Country - British Columbia
Cache Creek, BC
N 50.8089, W 121.3257
About Us

Gold Country Communities Society (GCCS) is a non-profit BC Interior Destination Marketing Organization currently working with the municipalities of Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton, Lillooet, Logan Lake, Lytton, Merritt and the Thompson Nicola Regional Districts E, I, J, M & N. The Gold Country mandate presently includes tourism promotion and economic development, and encompasses over 9000 square miles. Gold Country is set in the heart of British Columbia's stunningly diverse Interior. Alpine mountains, wildflower meadows, sagebrush scented desert and vast ranchlands are rich with stories of gold panners, cowboys and First Nations Culture.

Gold Country's heritage, wildlife and scenery are integral to the success of The Gold Country GeoTourism Adventure geocaches which have items hidden inside such as trading coins, stickers, small toys and other SWAG. This is a fun, and free activity that is great for people of all ages and physical abilities!

Mission Statement

To present the cultural, historical and natural history resources of the Gold Country region, utilizing site identification activities and modern technology, with the intention of developing sustainable year round tourism, encouraging healthier lifestyles and preserving our heritage through education

What to Look For

Gold Country’s GeoTourism Program has researched sites of interest throughout the region under a variety of themes & hidden caches for you to find! Learn about each site while unearthing treasures! Map symbol below identifies Gold Country Geocaches.

Map Symbol:
Geocaches - Gold Country BC

How to Search:

Follow the Search Guidelines below to find Gold Country Geocaches and Points of Interest..

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POI Tip:

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