BRMB NAVIGATOR - Your gateway to the great Canadian outdoors

BRMB Navigator is a leading-edge GPS navigation and mapping app for all your outdoor and backcountry adventures. From the publishers of the Backroad Mapbook series, access the country’s industry-leading road and recreation maps with 10,000+ base scale topographic maps of all Canadian provinces – as well as satellite, terrain and street maps. Get active and mark waypoints, plan your trip, capture photos and video, and store all your trip information on the BRMB website for easy access from any iOS or Android device.

BRMB Navigator is ideal for: GPS, map and compass navigation and offline navigation; planning and tracking adventures including camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, paddling, offroading, ATV riding, backcountry exploring and more!

Navigate the Outdoors

Blaze through outdoor trails, paddling routes and off-roading adventures with everything you need in hand, including GPS functionality. Mark waypoints like campsites, trailheads, and important turns, and off you go.

Detailed Backcountry Maps

Get Canada’s industry-leading road and recreation maps in the palm of your hand. View aerial and satellite photos, as well as street maps. Plus, save maps onto your device so you can go off the grid with confidence.


Choose from ten adventures per province and dive in with the help of our detailed trails, points of interest, backcountry attractions and guides to seasonal recreation. Never again be left with the question, “where should we go?”

Point of Interest Write-ups

With so much to see and do, we give you a place to start. Read up on thousands of points of interest, with helpful details on location, activities, descriptions and more. We help you make the most of your trip.


What sets us apart from the rest

Thousands of Points of Interest

Get easy access to the patented Backroad Mapbook Points of Interest and detailed recreation information; including access, activities, description, region, species and more.

Trip Planning & Summary

Get prepared for adventure! Plan your trips online ahead of time and store them onto your device with this app. You call the shots: edit descriptions, add waypoints and share your trips with your family and friends.

Collect Media & Stats

Bring your exciting trip to life for family and friends on social media with geo-tagged photos, audio, videos and personal notes. Track and share adventure stats including distance traveled, elevation gain/loss, speed and more.

Adventure Layers

Choose from 10+ adventures in each province. See detailed trails, points of interest, trailheads and much more. You can even choose more than one adventure at a time.

Offline Maps

Be free to get away from it all with offline maps you can download for later. No need to worry about cell reception with detailed maps stored on your device that can be zoomed in up to four levels.

Desktop Version & Online Maps

Load your trips onto your computer with the website version of the app. Explore the online maps, plan, edit and save trips and share it all with friends. Plus, join a network of adventure-minded folks to swap ideas with.


Take your maps anywhere

iPhone & iPad

Our app will work on your iPhone and iPad unit with IOS 7 and above.

Android Devices

Our app works on phones and tablets of your choice running Android 4+.

BRMB Navigator Web Map

Plan trips or view and edit your existing trips using the BRMB Navigator web map.

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Like what you see? Download the app now.

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